California Department of Public “Health” gone over the line with e-cigarettes: wasting tax-payers’ money to endanger public health


By Dr Farsalinos

This is not something new, but seeing today a video from FoxNews it was a good opportunity to write a comment. It is unprecedented that a department of public health is directly and unreservedly lying to smokers and vapers about the risks of e-cigarettes. Their campaign is based on a lie: e-cigarettes are equally harmful to tobacco cigarettes. It is a fear-mongering, intimidating, mis-informative and propagandistic campaign by an organization which is supposed to protect public health and provide truthful and valuable information to consumers about health issues.

They present the e-cigarettes as a new trick by the Big Tobacco, ignoring the fact that e-cigarettes were invented to China and their use was exponentially growing before any Big Tobacco company entered the e-cigarette market. Moreover, they ignore all research which unanimously shows that e-cigarettes are by far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. They fail to realize that e-cigarettes do not need to be absolutely harmless, considering the significant adverse health effects of smoking. Their campaign is not biased or ideologically predisposed; it is a complete lie and a definite misconduct, an effort to create confusion to the public and to eventually discourage smokers from switching to a safer alternative while encouraging vapers to go back to smoking. Unfortunately, none will be convinced by this unprecedented campaign to go to a smoking cessation clinic and quit smoking. Someone should be held accountable for such a public health crime. I truly hope they will hear the voice of many scientists (such as here and here).

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